Built in 2016, Luke Stevens Devlopments provides a purpose-built, state of the art, air-controlled rolling road in the heart of East Anglia. 

"By using our rolling road, we are able to diagnose many of the plaguing problems that other garages can struggle to get to the bottom of. People often come to us with issues that only manifest under certain circumstances. We can replicate these on the rolling road, in real time, and see what is breaking down. This is a far more efficient and cost effective approach to fault-finding than guessing what the problem could be."
Luke Stevens
Director, Luke Stevens Developments

who is luke stevens?

LSD is headed by multiple British and European Motor Racing Champion, Luke Stevens. Luke, and the team, strive to ensure that all road and race vehicles in our care can perform to their maximum potential.

Luke has more than 21 years of championship-winning experience with his motor racing team, TEAM LEOS Motorsport. 

Luke began racing almost 30 years ago – starting in cadet karts with Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, and progressing through single seater formulae into saloon and sports cars.

He has driven for Porsche, and also taken victory in the Le Mans Classic. In addition to heading TEAM LEOS and LSD, Luke is currently providing engineering advice to a world-renowned automotive supercar manufacturer.

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Our MAHA dyno offers European standard callibrated testing up to 800 HP for FWD and RWD, and cars with either side exit exhaust or twin exit rear exhaust.

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